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About HeteroSiC-WASMPE'11

The HeteroSiC-WASMPE 2011 is the second commonly organized edition of these two workshops after the meeting held in Catania (Italy) on May 2009. We all expect this event to become hence, for the fourth edition of these International workshops, a new rendez-vous for our scientific community.

This edition is a follow-up of the first European Workshop on SiC hetero-epitaxy (HeT-SiC 2005) held in Krippen (Germany) that becomes HeteroSiC at the second one held in Grenoble (France) and a follow-up of the first "Workshop on Advanced Semiconductor Materials and devices for Power Electronics applications" (WASMPE) held in Barcelona (Spain), in October 2005, and the second held in Olbia (Italy), in July 2007.

The aim of this conference, that join these two workshops, is to have at the same time :

  • a dedicated forum on SiC heteroepitaxy to effort all the specific subjects related both to the possibility to grow SiC on other materials and to grow different SiC polytypes to take advantage of the possibilities in bandgap engineering.

  • and

  • a dedicated forum on the latest developments in full Silicon Carbide (SiC), prospective beyond SiC such as Gallium Nitride (GaN on Si, on SiC, on sapphire and freestanding) and Diamond (C) power electronics. Progresses on Graphene technology and its introduction in devices will be also considered.

The goal is to allow young and advanced researchers from different fields to meet together for a single-session conference. During the conference a wide range of topics will be reviewed including advanced semiconductor materials, devices and applications for power and RF electronics. The conference will also be the occasion to bring together industrial and academic people to "plan the future" of our community.

HeteroSiC-WASMPE 2011 will be organized in Tours (France) within the Loire Valley that was the valley of French kings. We hope that, during the conference, the Loire Valley will be also the one of these king materials for the future of electronics.

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submission
March 21, 2011

Notification of acceptance
April 15, 2011

Deadline for article submission
June 17, 2011

For a better impact when reviewing the important issues, only a limited number of presentations will be accepted.

Thanks for your interest in HeteroSiC-WASMPE'11